Staged Tree Failure Video

The Importance of Tree Risk Assessment, a Demonstration Tree Failure Video

While healthy trees provide numerous benefits, there is also risk associated with trees that are near valuable structures and possessions. Sometimes the consequences of tree failure can be severe.

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Tree Climbing For Wildlife

Recent heavy winds left a fledgling great horned owl stranded on the ground in a Bloomington back yard.

The homeowners contacted WildCare Inc., who provided temporary care for the young owl and helped search for the original nest in a stand of white pine trees. WildCare Inc. also called Matt Baldwin, an ISA Certified Arborist on staff here at Bluestone Tree.

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Ash Wood Slab Conference Room Doors

It was a team effort finishing these live edge doors. First the removal of a large ash tree that submitted to the emerald ash borer, then milling the trunk into slabs, kiln drying the slabs, planing them down, sanding them, sanding again, final finishing, and installation.

View our available ash wood slabs, most are live edge.

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Tree Removal Time-lapse Video

ISA Certified Arborist Joe Rainwater captured this time-lapse of mechanized tree removal in action. Using two cranes, all but the biggest limbs can be ‘handed off’ directly from crane to crane, then dropped into the log truck without ever touching the ground – safe, clean and efficient.

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