Climb Aboard a Tree Service Log Mek Truck



Looking to remove a tree on your property? This video showcases the tree removal process using a grapple saw and log truck, captured from the perspective of a helmet camera. It gives a view of what tree removal looks from one of our arborists. Thanks to Jon B. for capturing the footage.

Log trucks with cranes and grapple saws are an essential part of our tree removal process. They haul tree logs from the felling site to our milling and mulch yard. Log truck drivers must be skilled in operating their vehicles, as they often have to navigate difficult terrain. They also need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, while moving large branches and tree sections suspended in the air. Often they move tree material over vehicles or infrastructure – like in this video.

In addition to tree logs, our Bluestone Crane trucks also transport other equipment, such as chippers, stump grinders, and forestry mulchers where needed. As a result, log truck drivers play a vital role in our tree removal process. Running a log truck can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

Bluestone Tree uses Palfinger cranes for tree removal.