This Ash Tree Problem

We are in our critical year of the Emerald Ash Borer here in southern Indiana, the invasive beetle that is killing nearly all of the Ash trees. There still may be time to save some trees but it is unlikely. If there is a chance I would suggest contacting Seth Inman at Trees Inc. for treatment.



Emerald Ash Borer stricken trees seem to decline at a rapid rate and become dangerously brittle. This is important to know for several reasons, these are not like other trees that die. They degrade quickly an soon become unsafe to climb for removal, the earlier you remove them, the safer it is for you and the Arborist team. Many municipalities have banned climbing Ash trees for these reasons, we have limited climbing to live trees as well.

The last two years the tops will have started to fall in smaller pieces, this year they will start breaking off at about 12-30 ft up. Meaning you will. have 60-70 foot trees falling down. Care must be taken when dismantling these sick trees, having the right equipment and knowledge is key when deciding on a tree service. We invest nearly everything back into the company to provide the best service to our customers. No one in the industry has more advanced tree equipment than Bluestone Tree, we lead the way on trucks and technique to make it safer for everyone.