Tree Protection Services

Pre-build site review

Protecting the Health of Trees on Building and Construction Sites

That is the goal of our new collaboration with Loren Wood Builders, LLC and Seth Inman of Trees PLE, Inc. This new service protects existing trees from the potentially damaging effects of build site preparation, construction and renovation projects.

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Recent Tree Protection Projects

Cicada - Brood X close up

Cicada Brood X 2021

The 17 year cicadas are coming to Bloomington, like it or not! The good news is, we still have time […]

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painting of persimmon fruit on stem

Helping Preserve Bloomington's Most Giving Persimmon Tree

“Oh, and there’s a persimmon tree too”, the realtor mentioned to Louise Briggs when they purchased their home. The Briggs […]

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tree protection zone sign and fencing

Protecting Trees on a Construction Site

It used to be that when a construction zone was set aside for a home building project, the surrounding trees […]

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