Who is Bluestone Tree and Why That Name?

Well, Jerad Oren or Tiffany Oren tree service just didn’t roll off the tongue. Three days into trying to come up with an appropriate name for the business, Bluestone stuck in my head. We became Bluestone Tree with the mission to do the best possible job from start to cleanup, making you happy and impressed. Because without you, there is no us.

The biggest complaint about nearly all good tree companies is the wait to get the work completed. We are working on creating the infrastructure to commit to a two week timeline from acceptance to completion. If you have seen us in action you will know we work at a very efficient and productive pace with industry leading equipment. This allows us to be 2-3 times faster and safer than other companies, while having a smaller impact on properties. Everything we do is for you, and ensure you will be satisfied with the results. But more on all that later, I’m getting ahead of myself.