Tree Removal Using no Power Tools [video]

Tree Removal

Trees are majestic and take so much energy to become what they are but, are so easily removed by our modern equipment. We’ve watched this tree for five years knowing one day it would need to come down. This cherry tree was 110′ tall and 3 feet wide at the base. Its health was in decline and had enough decay that it needed to be removed. In an effort to pay respect to the tree we decided to take down the tree by using hand tools alone. We used crosscut saws, axes, and handsaws. The majority of the limbs were rigged down using ropes and pulleys.

This cherry tree was taken down July 21, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana and proved to be one of the hardest thing we’ve ever done. Individuals who did this on a daily basis, years ago, had great heart and determination. Finding balance between skill and being conscious of nature is what we strive for.