Bluestone Organic Mulch Pricing

$26per cubic yard
  • 3/4" diameter or less
Whole Tree
$20per cubic yard
  • 1" diameter or less
Wood Chips
$14per cubic yard
  • 2.5" diameter

Bluestone Organic Mulch Delivery or Pickup

Delivery to Monroe County
3 yard minimum order
$30 delivery fee.

Pickup Now Available!
Pickup hours:
Mon-Fri 8a-12p
Sat 8a-3p
3090 S Walnut St.

organic mulch from Bluestone Organic

Our Organic Mulch Compared to Other Types of Mulch on the Market

Organic Whole Tree Mulch

  • Locally sourced healthy tree material
  • Replenishes nutrient rich organic matter back into the soil
  • Improves soil biology, aeration, structure & drainage
  • Absorbs, stores and releases moisture into the soil

Bark Mulch

  • Typically shipped in from other regions
  • Often contains filler wood such as pallets and treated lumber
  • Contains too much of an impermeable waxy substance called Suberin, which creates a water repelling barrier over the root zone, causing water runoff instead of absorption

 Dyed Mulch

  • Contains dye that can damage plants and be harmful to the environment
  • Excessive water is used to distribute dye, requiring anti-fungal chemicals to be added
  • Anti-fungals are used to prevent fungi. Some of those fungi  are beneficial to soil structure and should not be removed
Locally Sourced

Locally Sourced

We utilize only local tree materials from Bluestone Tree operations. This allows us complete control of what trees are processed into organic mulch in our closed facility.

Tree Quality

Tree Quality

We ensure our product only contains whole tree organic mulch material (no plants, grasses, wood pallets, treated lumber, chemicals, trash etc.), often found in other mulch.

Arborist Reviewed

Arborist Reviewed

We work closely with 2 consulting arborists in the community and have 5 certified arborists on staff, ensuring proper identity of trees best for organic mulching.



We keep a useful product in Bloomington, and out of the landfill, a good practice both economically and environmentally.

organic whole tree much closeupUtilizing and Mulching the Whole Tree

When chipped the inner wood will absorb, store and release moisture at the soil surface.

Our organic whole tree mulch is locally sourced, and contains only clipped healthy tree parts with no added fillers. Organic whole tree mulch decomposes over time and slowly builds organic matter back into the soil, improving soil biology, aeration, structure and drainage. Unlike bark mulch, whole tree mulch will not clump and repel water from getting to the roots, nor will it allow potentially harmful dyes to reach the soil.

Together we are a local, complete recycling tree operation. We remove, prune and process the whole tree. The logs are used for lumber, slabs, or organic mulch. The tops or canopies of trees are used for organic mulch and compost.