Hiring Immediately

Full-Time Mill and Mulch Yard Technician 


Bluestone Organic is seeking to hire a full-time, hourly employee to support milling and mulch operations at our facility in Ellettsville, IN.  Qualified applicants will join a highly motivated and professional team whose objective is to convert 100% of the tree debris generated by Bluestone Tree into mulch, dimensional lumber, and live edge slab product.

We are a full-service milling operation providing custom sawing, kiln-drying, and surfacing to our customers.  Motivated hirees have the opportunity to develop a career within our growing company and accelerating mulch production and millworks programs. If you like working with timber and wood, getting your hands dirty and thinking on your feet, and are motivated to move mountains of tree debris into something useful, then we welcome your application. 


  • Must have a valid driver’s license.  Must obtain CDL Class B permit prior to full employment. Must obtain a CDL Class B license within 6 months of hire. 
  • Agrees to criminal background check. 
  • Submits to drug screening, if requested. 
  • CPR and First Aid certification are desirable.
  • Strong candidates will have professional experience in some or all of the following areas:
    • Timber Industry: grading and handling of cut timber.
    • Milling Industry: lumber/slab milling, kiln operation, lumber grading/scaling.
    • Heavy Equipment Operation: excavators, skid steers, fork lifts, dump trucks, semi tractor trailers, chippers, and telehandlers. 
    • Power Equipment Operation:  chain saws, planers, jointers, brush cutters, backpack blowers, string trimmers, various power hand tools. 
  • Other experience desired, but not expected include:
    • Mulch Industry: production, handling, delivery of hardwood mulch products.
    • Computing Skills: image capture and data entry, printing, phone app usage for time tracking and reporting.
    • Woodworking: hardwood fabrication and finishing.
    • Mechanical Repair: repair and maintenance of equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Mulch and Mill Yard Management

  • Sorting and stacking of debris brought in daily from tree crews requiring the use of excavator and skid steer  
  • Sorting, grading, and organizing mill logs
  • Preparing logs for milling: bucking, sealing, and labeling

Wood Milling, Drying, and Management

  • Assist with and learn operation of Wood-Mizer LT70 mill
  • Assist with and learn operation of the Tru-Cut stationary slab mill
  • Assist with and learn operation of the iDry Plus vacuum kiln
  • Assist with and learn operation of surfacing and dust collection equipment
  • Handling, stacking, and forklift operation to move milled lumber and slabs
  • Assist with tracking lumber and slab production volume, organizing and labeling milled material, and delivering milled material
  • Maintaining organization, cleanliness, and mechanical performance of mill facilities and equipment.

Mulch Management and Deliveries

  • Loading semi trailers and dump trucks for deliveries using skids steers and excavators.
  • Turning mulch piles and moving mulch piles, as needed.
  • Loading and hauling mulch to retail bunks at headquarters and clients’ addresses.
  • Assist and learn operation of wood chipper to produce wood chips.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment must be well-maintained, which includes, but is not limited to: power washing, inside cleaned out daily, routine fluid checks, filters cleaned, hose repairs, maintenance issues and intervals reported for further service.

Desired Character

Initiative– Recognizes and anticipates tasks. Self-motivated to build skills, knowledge, and qualifications. Committed to preventative maintenance and organization. Seeks solutions and asks when unsure.

Accountability– Dependable: punctual and committed. Executes tasks fully and urgently. Accepts and integrates feedback. Takes responsibility for impacts of decisions.

Integrity– Upholds the vision and mission of Bluestone.  Consistently accountable and responsible.  Invested in maintaining professionalism and excellence.

Communication– Listens to learn. Asks clarifying questions. Shares to improve performance and situational awareness for the team.

Adaptive– Performs in a dynamic work environment.  Maintains focus while adapting to shifting priorities.  Can execute across a variety of duties and responsibilities.

Attitude– Driven. Can-do attitude. Brings intensity, enthusiasm, and humility. Meets adversity with grace and light-heartedness. Strives for excellence.

Safety– Prioritizes safety for self and others. Understands and mitigates hazards.


Full-time up to 40 hours/weekly, Monday-Friday, with occasional weekend work necessary.  Work period is 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. most days. Overtime may be required, but not guaranteed. Major holidays are off and unpaid. Daily reporting to headquarters is likely, but the majority of daily tasks will be performed at our mill yard in Ellettsville, IN. 

Much of the work is outside, year-round, and requires work in rain, snow, and summer heat.  Employees must be able to routinely lift loads of 100 lbs, stand for long periods, and be physically able to work in loud, dusty, hot or cold conditions while wearing the proper personal protective equipment.  Employees provide their own leather work boots and pants. 


Hourly pay-scale based on experience $15-25/hr. New employees earn 8 hours of paid time off after 4 months of employment.  

Application Process 

Submit your resume to bloomington@bluestonetree.com, Attn: Mill and Mulch Yard Technician.  Provide 3 Professional References: Supervisor’s Name, Company Name, Phone, Email for each.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.  Leadership will contact top candidates to schedule a follow-up interview.  Promising candidates will participate in a working interview to evaluate their performance alongside our team on-site at our mill and mulch yard. Bluestone is seeking to fill this position immediately.